REK Set to Western Chill and You're Invited.

Robert Earl Keen is pleased to present, in exclusive partnership with, the world premiere of ‘Western Chill’. This special Pay-Per-View Event was recorded live at his Snake Barn Movie Ranch Studios in Texas.

"I’ve been a bandleader for over 30 years, and this time without shows is strange, to say the least. There have been twists and turns, but this influx of time has allowed us to collaborate creatively like never before. We get together, write these songs together, sing ‘em together, rehearse together and put songs together like, I don’t know, a lot of fans think you’re supposed to. And that’s what we’re doing right now. What you’re about to see is 14 new and previously unrecorded songs we call "Western Chill". Western Chill is a full-band collaboration intended to evoke the serenity of the western lifestyle. So whether you’re high atop a horse on the high plains or kickin’ back watching the sunset or relaxing on your couch or doing this on your boss’s time - Western Chill is made for you. So from all of us in the band - Bill, Tom, Brian, Kym and yours truly, and everyone at Snake Barn Movie Ranch Studios - we encourage you to embrace the will to chill." - Robert Earl Keen


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