New for 2020, Texas Red Dirt Roads Presents "Back Road Conversations".

Since the Fall of 2000, Justin Frazell has been introducing you the songs and names of the vibrant Texas / Red Dirt Music scene for 3 hours every week.

It was September of 2000 when Justin took the reigns of the The Front Porch Show for 99.5 The Wolf in Dallas and made it the place to hear and be heard for fans and artist alike on Sunday evenings. Ryan Bingham, Randy Rogers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland and Stoney Larue, Pat Green, Jack Ingram, Wade Bowen, Reckless Kelly, Kevin Fowler and the list goes on and on of young artist at the time where they received their very first Major Market Radio Airplay followed by the preaching of the Texas / Red Dirt Gospel from the unmistakable voice and personality of Justin.

That tradition continued in 2009 when Justin formed his own Texas / Red Dirt Media Outlet called Texas Red Dirt Roads, LLC. Now syndicated on approximately 30 radio stations on a weekly basis, Justin continues to welcome a new crop of Texas / Red Musicians that helped keep the heart pumping in Independent Texas and Red Dirt Music. The likes of William Clark Green, Josh Abbott, Koe Wetzel, Sunny Sweeney, Kody West, Six Market Blvd, Bri Bagwell, Cody Jinks, Josh Ward, Cody Johnson, Kaitlin Butts, Flatland Cavalry and Randall King just to name a handful have all ran the Texas Red Dirt Roads with Justin at one point very early in their careers.

Whereas the focus has solely remained on the music throughout they years, the highlight that Justin and the audience always seem to enjoy most is hearing about the person and the people behind the songs. No so much as to where a particular song comes from but just as much about road that led the artist to stage in general.

Cody Canada recently told us that it was his dads oil field companies, playing George Strait covers with a helping of his sister feeding him rock n roll music is what led him to bigger dreams of bigger stages. William Clark Green recently told Justin, that if had not grown up anywhere but in the small town setting where everyone knew everyone and everyone's business, he might be in jail today.

It's been 20 years of discovering stories like these, little pieces at time. Justin and Texas Red Dirt Roads in 2020 would like to invite you to evening of more stories and intimate conversation with some of your favorite artist.

Together, let's find out the real person behind the songs we've all sang, danced, cried and celebrated too. Welcome to Back Roads Conversations with Justin Frazell, presented by Texas Red Dirt Roads. Tickets Available HERE.

Join us February 25th for our inaugural show with Pat Green. Space and VIP Seating is very limited. Tickets are available by visiting the Texas LIVE Event Brite page.

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