New Music Friday!!

It's a day we've talked about for months. It's day the artist have been patiently waiting for, for months. In a time period where artist have moved from one big giant album release day to dropping teaser songs and singles in advance, the day for it all to come together has arrived for some.

Aaron Watson can finally exhale in hopes everyone will have a Red Bandana around their neck by days end.

The pride of Maypearl, Texas releases a new EP the same day Toy Story 4 releases. If you catch the last track on this new project and if in fact Bart Crow planned it this way, (why not) Bart is to be applauded for this genius attention grabbing marketing plan.

Willie Nelson. No more need be said. Just put it in your collection, dang it!

Some of you were still in the jump seat of Wal-Mart grocery cart when Reckless Kelly got started in the late 90's. Fast forward to 2008 and our brothers from Idaho released Bulletproof. This album gave us 'Ragged As The Road' and 'Love in Her Eyes'. Cody Braun says, “Live music is best served on the brink of disaster,” says Cody Braun in a release. “Sure, there are a few sharp notes and a clunker or two here and there, but thats what happens in a live setting and what we have here- just six guys that have been playing music together for a long time, a hell of a good road crew and some truly great crowds.”

Kelly Willis and Bruce Robison release their Beautiful Lie today and Zane Williams brings us The Oak Tree and The Weed.

What could the biggest surprise of all, Koe Wetzel releases a full album today without much hype at all. Usually you at least get a date to circle on the calendar. As stated before, artist have usually teased you with 3 or 4 by record release day. Not Koe. Not surprised.

Some of you "accidently" found what was believed to be the new album floating around the internet. You may have something but you don't have an official copy of Harold Saul High. Koe - "Since 'Noise Complaint' I've lost my best friend and my uncle," They were both huge fans and never got to see where we are today. So I made up a high school with their names in it."

And Finally....

I will see you TONIGHT at The World Largest Honky Tonk, Billy Bobs Texas for the release of #50 in a collection of LIVE at Billy Bobs Texas Records. Congrats Josh Ward!

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