Turnpike Troubadours Forced to Cancel Shows and Step Away Again

The light at the end of the tunnel still seems to be a few miles away for The Turnpike Troubadours if it still burns at all. Through encouragement from family, friends, fellow musicians, fans and industry professionals, and I am sure each other, it seems the boys from Tahlequah, OK have hit the another massive bump in the road.

I don't think there is any denying all of this has to do with the struggles front man Even Felkner has faced. Let's all hope for the sake of a human life and those that love him, he can find the real help he needs. Music be damned, we are talking about a human life. As fans, we all put him on this pedestal. A pedestal that got him higher than he can obliviously handle for the time being. Let's not knock him off it. Let's help him down until he's ready to climb again and stand there with surer footing.

As to whether or not it will be with same band mates around him or not, "we have been standing at the crossroads, optimistically in hopes of healing, but it was not to be", that doesn't sound real promising. The remainder of the band, crew and everyone behind the scenes that this has rapidly trickled down too are special folks and will also need support in varying ways. They are an extremely talented group that does not need to be on the sidelines.

While Turnpike stands in the spotlight because of all of this, there are many facing the same demons and crisis that will never stand in a spotlight. If you are aware of someone needing assistance with any kind of addiction, please see to it that you offer as much of your support that you can. The only spotlight that we are all guaranteed to be in is the one shining on our casket at the front of the room one day. Let's do all we can as brothers and sisters to make sure we do all we can to let the timing of the Good Lord make that decision and not the demons of abuse and addiction.


See ya in Austin, Texas tonight. #LONESTARJAM

See Ya Down The Road....

J. Frazell

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