The Friday Five: First Edition

Lists. Grocery lists, wishlists, there's lists for everything, but my favorite is the Playlist. So once a week I will throw some completely random list together with an off-the-wall topic to help share some of my favorite tunes with you. Does this mean I'm always right? Hell no. This is just a fun way to hopefully introduce someone to a song they may not have ever heard before. So, here we are, drum roll please, my first topic: Top songs about a specific street (highway's need not apply).

5. Donnelly Drive- Kyle Bennett Band

4. South First Blvd.- Mike and the Moonpies

3. So Long 6th Street- Wade Bowen

2. Ringling Road- William Clark Green

1. Sunset Blvd- Charlie Robison

So there you have it. My picks for this week's Friday Five. I hope you enjoyed this trip down the road as much as I did.


Aaron Lee Bentley

t: @aaronleebentley

FB- AaronLeeBentley

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