Farm to Market Fresh: Tanner Usrey

I love, simply love when I hear new music in its infancy. Fresh from the artist's mind right to the instrument. It's emotional, empowering, and energetic. It's as new a freshly fallen rain to the thirsty ground. Today's offering comes from Texas Native Tanner Usrey titled "Beautiful Lies". This haunting offering will grab your attention at the first note and hold on until the last strum. The TXRDR family certifies this as Farm to Market fresh!

It kinda came from having that one person that you would do anything for, and the loving that person unconditionally, but then you start growing apart, you know there’s nothing that you can stop it, so you just keep the lie that you aren’t growing apart, going for as long as you can, hoping that feeling will come back.

The new guitar is one of the new Martin DSS-17 with the black smoke finish, I finally got an upgrade that John Hollinger has been telling me to get with some help from some awesome folks that wanted to remain anonymous.

And I wasn’t PLANNING on recording it right now, but given the response that it’s gotten, I don’t think I have a choice haha. Even if I don’t record this one right now, You CAN expect some new music coming very soon!

What a simply amazing tune! Outstanding job Tanner! Your voice and lyrics are on point. Bravo! For more on Tanner, search him out. He currently has a single out on iTunes and Spotify titled "Daytona Nights"


Aaron Lee Bentley

t: @aaronleebentley

FB: AaronLeeBentley

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