Why Are May and August So Incredibly Important To Dalton Domino? One is Life Saving. The Other Cou

I don't remember the exact year it was but a good guess is 2014. That's when I first met Dalton Domino and his Front Porch Family Band.

They were contestants in a "best new band' competition in Fort Worth, Texas. I knew I was hesitant to like these kids because without strumming a lick they carried themselves with the swagger of Motley Crue.

They were no more badasses than the next group of folks to take the competition stage and try and prove their worth. Play the song kid. We'll play dress up and draft the documentary script later. DD and TFPFB did and they won. Skip ahead to 3:45. From the Winners Circle to my TV Show.

As much as he tried to ride the Mr. DGAF line, I came to know a different Dalton Domino. I'm not saying he didn't give best efforts to live the rock n' roll lifestyle, but I eventually found the sweet kid behind the mask. I could tell this was the real Dalton. He was still living out that teenage skateboard kid angst we all go through. Now he had band, a van, some gigs and medal around his neck for being better than the others. Hit the gas. Hit the Wall.

It takes a big person to step on a stage every night and open his heart, mind and soul to a crowd that just wants to party with friends and sing along. Most of these artist are introverts and don't enjoy the spotlight as much as we might think. That said, it takes a much bigger person to admit they need help.

I'm proud of my friend Dalton. I'm grateful for the times he's called to tell me he's trying. I'm sure the "trying" never ends and is the hardest part. If this is you, or you know someone that is headed down the same road, as Dalton says, Do Not Hesitate To Reach Out!!! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!

Dalton Domino has a new record available this August. I've heard it. I can't quit listening. It's FANTASTIC!!!!

Dalton Domino.Com


Wade Bowen with Josh Grider & Dalton Domino

3rd & Lindsley Nashville

Nashville, TN

MAY 18

Dalton Domino at the Pasadena Strawberry Festival

Pasadena, TX


Dalton Domino

The Blue Light Dallas

Dallas, TX


Wade Bowen with special guest Dalton Domino

Lava Cantina The Colony

The Colony, TX

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