Texas Music Fest #31. LJT!! LJT!! LJT!!

it's no coincidence that a lot of us yesterday heard the story once again of how Jesus perished on the cross at Calvary for our sins. Thank goodness because there is about to be a ton of salvation, or at least we hope there is, delivered to Stephenville, Texas this week.

Ok, so it's not that bad. It just a bunch of fun loving, music loving, beer throwing, keg standing, shotgunning, meat on stick eating, corn dogging, half naked group of 50K or so gathered in one spot for a week for some of their favorites bands and tunes. We've lived through 30, what's one more?

For temporary safe haven, a cold drink and a remarkable camp fire jam each night, come see us over by the tree line to the right. Just know we're rolling film for those that can't make it. So if you show up with your girlfriend or boyfriend and your wife or husband does not know it, you may not want to look directly into the camera.

Oh Yea! There is one hell of a Chili Cook Off going on at the same time. William Clark Green recently stopped by to give all cooks advice on proper Texas Chili Technique.

See Ya At The Campsite...

See Ya Down The Road...

J. Frazell

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