Randy Rogers Band Is Hellbent on You Hearing Guy Clark...

April 26th is coming in hot and fast and along with it will come the new album from the Randy Rogers Band, 'Hellbent'.

I spent an evening with the band in Denver earlier this year and got to hear the entire project and let me tell you, there will be zero disappointment. At this point, you know what to expect from the Randy Rogers Band. They know how to give it to you and manage to keep it fresh every single time. I think I made the comment that night that the "nah-nah-nah's" on 'Crazy People' was a little "what the hell the was that?". But, I still love it and it's just another way of RRB doing what they do and keeping you on your toes and on the dance floor.

(click the banner for tickets and info)

I do however have zero problem with the Guy Clark cover they chose for Hellbent.

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