Kylie Rae Harris ** Available Now **

March 29, 2019


I can't tell ya exactly when it was the first time I met Kylie Rae Harris.  Unfortunately, there quiet a bit of that in this ol' head of mine.  When we first started, re-started, this thing out late 90's early 2000's it was come and go, never know who's gonna show up and show out next.  From backstage's to bus lounges, camp fires and radio studios in Dallas it you never knew what you were gonna find next based on who would show up with who.  I'd invite 2 people and 5 would show up.  It.  Was.  Awesome.   


So Kylie, I apologize.  I can't remember.  Somewhere between 'Slide Over' and this recent  release,  but I can tell ya, I've been holding on every since.  


The time has finally come.  The New EP from KRH is all the way available now.  Put it in your collection.  I'm not a music critic so I don't have all the painted words to to poetically convince you to buy this album based on the elegance of the songs.  What I do have, is a link and a trust in you that you, trust in me when I say....  Put it in your collection.



I chose this song to share because I've waited 5 long years for this song to have full production behind it.  I do remember the first time I heard it.  Steamboat Springs, CO at Music Fest it was zero o'clock in the morning and we'd all had way to much of the day to even be awake.  BUT this song was and still is that powerful.  



























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