G.R.I.T. Crew Turn St. Patricks Day Into Ladies Night on TXRDR.

(L/R: Riley Lawson, Adrian Johnston, Sarah Hobbs, Charla Corn, Bri Bagwell, Jade Marie Patek, Justin)

Three o'clock hit on Sunday March 17th and there was no turning back or running away. I was outnumbered by the Girls Raised in Texas group (GRIT). Thanks goodness Riley was there to to provide any semblance of balance to a show packed full of Texas girl power!

For three straight hours these young ladies tore the room up at Magnolia Motor Lounge with story, song, the occasional group selfie and one dog names Whiskey that Bri had rescued a few weeks prior. Adrian Johnston by majority vote is considered head GRIT Girl. Of the five that appeared on TXRDR this week, there's a ton more connected via group text that she issues as call to "gather round girls! We got a show to play". Those that have holes in their own busy touring schedules answer the call and The GRIT Girls ride again!

Texas Red Dirt Road is OFF this coming Sunday as Justin has family business to tend too.

You can catch both he and Bri Bagwell hosting the Texas Regional Radio Awards on Monday March 25th from the Arlington Music Hall. If you'd like to attend, click the logo for tickets!

We'll return on March 31st LIVE from The Speedway Club at Texas Motor Speedway immediately following the O'Reilly Auto Parts 500 Monster Energy Cup Race.

We'll Talk To Ya Then....

We'll See Ya Down The Road...


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