Laci Kaye Booth Scores A Ticket To Hollywood. A Dad's proudest moment.

Ever since the first time I shook hands with Texas Singer / Songwriter Jody Booth, he's been telling me about his daughter, Laci Kaye and how she's gonna shock the world one day. I've got a dropbox full of songs that he's shared with me. Seems like every time we talked, he's was telling me he had Laci back in studio cutting another song. It came to head this past week when Laci took her shot on this season of American Idol.

These contracts with reality TV must be lethal. I spent a ton of time with Jody this past January at MusicFest in Steamboat Springs, CO and he never muttered a word. Not a peep.

Jody Booth in his own right is a fantastic singer / songwriter. If you've ever been around Jody, you know full well that he's quiet a character. When it comes country music though, he's as serious as it gets.

You can listen to all the Booth family you need right here.

Laci Kaye Booth - Something New.

Jody Booth - The Rosewood Tapes

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