Cody Johnson To Run The Red Dirt Roads...

With Brooks & Dunn.

Kix & Ronnie announced last week they will release "Reboot" on April 5th. The album cover sheds light on who they invited to sing along with them to some of their greatest hits.

In a recent interview B&D revealed “Cody Johnson sang on ‘Red Dirt Road,’” says Kix. “Of all the cuts, it’s probably the most different. Cody’s voice is so cowboy and honest. Cody really stepped up. He’s a cool addition to our format. Texas has found him already. I like what he’s doing.”“He killed it,” added Ronnie.

B&D added that ‘Neon Moon’ that Kacey Musgraves covered will have a different feel because she had already done her own arrangement.

Congrats to both Cody and Kacey! Cody is still riding high from the release of "Ain't Nothin' To It" and Kacey is busy trying to find shelf space for all her Grammy's.

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