Texas Legend Gary P. Nunn Announces Retirement.

You simply don't have a conversation about Texas Music Legends without the name Gary P. Nunn easily rolling off your tongue.

A little tip from me if I might...

If you're in a group discussing Texas Music Legends, go last in the discussion. If Gary's name has not come up by the time it gets to you, find a new group.

Well, the years are catching up with me,” Nunn said. “My wife and I would like to have the opportunity to travel, snow ski, ride some horses, plays some golf, visit some family and friends.

Our buddy Jason Whitley over at WFAA TV Dallas recently had a visit with Gary P. to discuss his career and favorite songs and the memories that come with them. Read the full interview

Now take a listen to Justin and Gary P. visit about the old days and the true story behind 'London Homesick Blues' on previous TXRDR Show.

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