Joshua Ray Walker. 'Wish You Were Here'.

Over the holidays while doing some digging and reading up on all the new albums that were headed our way in 2019, I stumbled across the news that Dallas native Joshua Ray Walker was set to roll out his debut album "Wish You Were Here".

There maybe a lot of focus on the names you already know that will release new albums. Just last week we all threw down some coin for new Cody Johnson, Flatland Cavalry and Charlie Shafter.

Kylie Rae Harris, self titled, will release in March. Randy Rogers Band announced their new album 'Hell Bent" will be here April 26th. Sean McConnell's new project is right around the corner as is Sam Riggs, Shane Smith & The Saints and the list goes on.

While you're digging around for new tunes or information on the release dates for your favorites, don't sleep on Joshua Ray Walker's new LP, 'Wish You Were Here'. This 28 year old spent a good 10 years on this project. It's lined with personal experience's and those of the people he's shared some time with.

So I guess I owe it to Ryan Bingham. I was looking into his new project "American Love Song" (February 15th) when I scrolled down just far enough to see Joshua Ray Walker's name pop up.

Now I have my own copy of 'Wish You Were Here' and my music collection is better for it. I hope you'll do the same.

I also hope that you'll keep me apprised of new artist you've discovered. There's a ton out there and I've only scratched the surface here.

Come see JRW when he is my guest on TXRDR in a few weeks at Magnolia Motor Lounge, Ft. Worth.

Good job buddy! Great record!



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