Be Loud. Be Proud. We're In Texas.

I had (actually still have) a stack of CD’s in a truck that would take me from my apartment on Greenville Ave to 3500 Maple Ave from 1996 - 2000. I got a promotion in 2000 and bought new truck. The CD’s had a new home and a new platform. They not only kept me entertained but I used them to help launch my little version of The Front Porch Show.

Charlie was already somewhat of staple on our station. He was in the mix of Pat, Jack and Robert that gave us a solid Texas Music identity throughout the day. His departure from hosting The Front Porch cracked the window just enough for me to climb in. Armed with Life of The Party, Unleashed LIVE and about 15-20 other records, I preached Texas Music from 100k watts every Sunday night.

I created an open for the show from a mix of lyrics and spoken words that would establish what I hoped to be the feel of the show. I still use it to this day to open TXRDR. Many of you, when you hear, “Be loud, be proud. We’re In Texas...” know exactly where that comes from. It’s been good to me for 18 years, I think I’ll keep it. It’ll never go away.

Just like Charlie’s music and all of the memories we’ve all created from his songs and shows.

Charlie Robison, thanks for leading me to the water. Here’s to ya buddy. I’ll see ya around.

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