One Moore Won't Hurt

1500 rowdy college kids, 4 years in the making, two stools, one moment in time. A rebirth? Maybe. A rekindle? Most likely. What ever you call it, it’s something that had needed to happen for a long, long time. Kolton Moore came back, and for those that questioned the nature of the hiatus, you can check your speculations and opinions at the door. No apologies. Kolton came to play his music, and what we all witnessed was more like a re-awakening of a juggernaut.

Man, I don't know, just all the bullshit. I just want to get up there and play music. My music. I don't want there to be any underlying things behind it, I don't want there to be any grudges held, I just want to get out there and play my music. It was my sanity over everything. When Kolton walked away from music four years ago, it was a shock to the entire community. Success, gigs, radio, fanbase- they were all there. But, something was missing, peace of mind. He needed to find center again. For Kolton, he needed to get back to his first passion, the outdoors.

First year I spent down in Fredrickburg area guiding hunts, fishing trips. Then last three I have been all over the US fishing hunting, from Trans-Pecos area to Montana to Arkansas. Before music, this was my first love, I shot my first whitetail at 5. The music followed in my early teens.

Kolton plays music for him and his passion, to hell with the political game.

If this past Monday's show was any indication whether or not a void was left with Kolton's departure, then the fanbase had their glasses filled. The energy was high, and the anticipation was like none I have ever felt.

With no current plans for future shows, there certainly wasn't any rust from the downbeat. Kolton came out guns-blazing with a full voice, sharp strings and a crowd that knew every word to every song and let Kolton know just how much he had been missed. Kolton's music is unapologetic, rough, raw, real. It's rock music, and he owns it every time. So what comes next? Well, Kolton still has the day job leading hunts and guided fishing trips, he still writes, he still loves music, just the live shows aren't in the forecast. Is he done, I don't think so. Performing live is an itch, and for Kolton, the crowd showed just how much he needed to scratch it.

Sometimes a pursuit of passion gets clouded by outside hands. It's our passion, we own it, we should never let anyone else take that from us. On the flip side we have to stop raining on others parade. Do what you love, love what you do, and to hell with the rest. Live and let everyone be happy.

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Aaron Lee Bentley

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