2 Huge Victories This Week for 2 Texas Singer / Songwriters.

Lubbock, Texas 2016. Randall King came blowing out of the west Texas honey hole that has seen more than it's fair share of talented singer / songwriters. Buddy Holly, Mac Davis, Natalie Maines, Butch Hancock, Joe Ely, Delbert McClinton, Pat Green, Cory Morrow, Wade Bowen, William Clark Green, Josh Abbott, Flatland Cavalry. Unintentionally, I've left a handful out but you get the idea. Something is in the water in Lubbock.

King released his self titled CD earlier this year. Buy it HERE. Thirteen tracks that are full of the traditional country sound many have been in search of since the first drum machine loop and pop influence made its way into current Top 40 country radio.

One fella out of Oklahoma has taken notice of Randall's sound.

While a shout out from Garth Brooks would be more than enough for any independent singer / songwriter, rumors began to swirl this week that when Garth announces his new single later this June, it very well could be a Randall King penned tune titled, "The Letter". Whereas, the rumor mill is always spinning and nothing is official until Garth says so, TXRDR has learned that at the very least, there's a better chance than not that "The Letter" will be one of of the tracks on Garth's new album.

Randall King. Congrats buddy! This. Is. Awesome!!!

Wednesday, June 13th, I get another text message. This one also comes from west Texas. This time it's Texas Singer / Songwriter, John Baumann.

Here's a snap shot of the press release.

Shout out John Baumann! John has been entertaining folks around the country with his West Texas Vernacular since 2012. Grab a copy of his latest record, "Proving Grounds", HERE.

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