"Backroads" with Justin Frazell Premier!

Considering we just finished out a rockin' Memorial Day weekend filled with barbecue, family fun and everything else in between, we figured it would be better to introduce a new thing to all of you that we are dubbing "Backroads" with Justin Frazell.

Week in and week out my self, Aaron Lee Bentley, Casey Frazell and Justin try to figure out ways that we can present new content to you and get it to you in a professional yet informative way. With the new segment called "Backroads" we take you (the listener and viewer) on a walk a-bout of sorts through the halls of Billy Bob's Texas with excerpts from the show of the week and than to the Green Room for an inside look/interview with some of the artists from the week.

Here is our first segment for the "Backroads" show where Justin gives you an inside look into Deryl Dodd and Robynn Shayne. So sit back, and enjoy a new way to recap the show every week with us at Texas Red Dirt Roads!

And that's that!

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"Backroads" with Justin Frazell

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