Ain't no Mountain High Enough

What marks the mass appeal of the singer/ songwriter? The answer is simple, yet complicated at the same time. Relatable storytelling, direct lyrics that can cut the heart strings, a soothing vocal, and masterful instrumentation. I think the term singer/ songwriter is over used, and somehow devalued due to the sheer amount of artists on the plateau of music today. One such artist who doesn't fall short of excellence is Courtney Patton.

With her fourth offering, What it's Like To Fly Alone, Courtney has again not only raised the bar for ALL singer/songwriters on the national scene, she has quite possibly written and produced one of the best country albums in years.

While the title of the album may be misleading, this offering is by no means a sorrowful look at loneliness but a masterful take on personal growth, achievement and confidence. Make no mistake, these songs are in no way sunshine and rainbows, there's depth, this is real country, not your run of the mill pop-country. "I was driving home from Austin after a less than desirable gig. I was feeling hurt, disappointed and doubting my desire to do this for a living. In the middle of my driving and crying, this hawk shoots out of the bar ditch in the dark. White lightening. It almost hit my car, then swiftly cut back into the field. It shook me enough to help me dry my tears, pull myself together and start thinking metaphorically about the two of us out there on the road in the middle of the night, just trying to survive."

This album not only showcases how much Courtney has grown both personally and professionally over the years, but gives us a window into the soul, a glimpse of brilliance only hampered by last notes and the repeat button. If you doubt the power of this album, take note that on the release date, only three albums bested it on the ITUNES country charts. ( all three spots held by Chris Stapleton.) "I've never been more proud of a finished product."

" It's way easier to write about heartache than happiness, because heartache needs a place to go; and happiness, you just want to keep for yourself." Courtney has a story to tell with each song, a brilliant take on life that makes you better for listening. With songs heavy on the heartache such as Round Mountain and Fourteen Years ( the honest song dedicated to her late sister) to the lonesome ballad Gold Standard this album will continue to gain traction for a variety of listeners and audiences. Courtney is the real deal, and you better believe she leaves no room for comparison to others before. Pure, direct, honest, and a must for every fan of music.

For more on Courtney Patton: CLICK HERE


Aaron Lee Bentley


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