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This last Sunday in the heart Fort Worth, TX near West 7th at Magnolia Motor Lounge, TXRDR kicked off the 2018 fiscal broadcast year with a hell of a line up featuring Matt Hillyer (of Eleven Hundred Springs), The Dirty River Boys and Tanner Fenoglio.

As most shows go we started off with the heys, how are ya's and what have you been doing so far to start off 2018. With the new comer to the party being Tanner Fenoglio, he was especially excited to announce that he has been working on his next project with the help of Lloyd Maines in Austin, TX. Haling from Nocona, TX Tanner had a good local fan base that came to watch him preform on the show. This was also made up of the fan base that supported him during his battle on the Ranch Music Series that was hosted by 95.9 The Ranch at Railhead Smoke House in Willow Park, TX. Tanner also played the title track from his 2017 project This Town.

The Dirty River Boys were also on the scene with their up beat, rock n' roll, loud and proud, poetic style for the audience to soak up as they played some hits from previous projects. The audience also had the pleasure of getting to hear some new stuff that they said would be released with their newest project sometime this summer. Though like always we got to hear a fan favorite titled Down By The River which was released with their self titled project in 2014.

And last but not least Matt Hillyer of Eleven Hundred Springs kept the party going with some tunes from his 2014 project titled If These old Bones could Talk.

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