Brandon Jenkins. Buy The Record. Say A Prayer. Stand by.

The exact words from the mouth of The Red Dirt Legend as to how anyone wanting to help him through this ordeal, can. The "ordeal" is his upcoming heart valve replacement surgery scheduled for mid February if not sooner pending test results. The man that looms as large as a grizzly bear but has a demeanor and heart as gentle as they come, only ask for three things. Buy The Record. Say A Prayer. Stand by.

The record is what is what he's poured his heart and soul into over the last year or so and it's available this Friday, February 9th. Pre-order:​

Of course he wants you to buy his new album. Every artist does. There's a special circumstance behind this request though. Brandon knows there are so many wanting to help right now and in return, he wants you to have something for your generosity.

After you've checked that box and fulfilled that request, what else can we do. Brandon says, "Say A Prayer"


Thanks y'all for all the Love and Prayers... I can feel it!

As I said on Twitter, Grab a shoulder. Circle Up an lift our buddy up, his family and his team of doctors.

And finally. Stand by. Brandon and his team appreciate all that is already in the works. Without knowing the full scale of this "ordeal". they say that there will come a time to rally the masses and provide extra assistance. For now though, 3 simple request.

Buy The Record. Say A Prayer. Stand by.

Most of us are ready to roll now and help in anyway possible so here are two other ways to assist that have been set up by friends and family.

Purchase this shirt HERE.

Make a general donation to Brandon's PayPal Account HERE.

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