Certain songs, certain deliveries and certain moments stick with you no matter how brief or infrequent they may occur. Last year during the LJT music festival I found myself face to face with a singer/songwriter I had heard of, but never experienced live. It was there, at 3:00 in the morning, sitting on a stack of pallets that this song, this artist became familiar to me. His vocal control, the lyrical intelligence, the feel, it was all there, so why in the hell hadn't this guy been more talked about? That's where the backroom whispers and shared playlists have the most impact, when an artist is brushed to the side by the masses, and why we are sharing this with you today, simply because he shouldn't be ignored any longer.

So often artist's are told to avoid songs about their craft, it's too common, basic even, but why be a songwriter if you cannot write about the experiences you have whiled honing your craft then? Shea not only went against the grain like so many before him, he absolutely hit the nail on the head.

While Shea Abshire and the Night Howlers may be no stranger to the North Texas scene, he is somewhat of a up-and-commer to the casual listener. His current project, Potluck can be found on all media outlets. So run, pick up your smart device, and download it now. And while you're at it, look up a show, go buy the march, and help these guys get up and down the roads, those off-beaten paths we like to call, those Texas Red Dirt Roads.

For More on Shea Abshire and the Nighthowlers: CLICK HERE


Aaron Lee Bentley



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