Behind The Curtains of Steamboat

I find it odd how one small town in northern Colorado can attract such attention from a group of diehard, state loving Texans. Texas Week. Thin air. Snow. Ok, It's not that far of a stretch when you really put it all into perspective really, or is it? Back home in our corner of the world, we don't get snow, here in Steamboat, it's a commodity. But enough talk about the snow, let's get to to the first video.

While not all Musicfest performances are in small, intimate settings, there is a majority of them that are. Smaller listening crowds, with the music being the focus and the drunken noise taking a backseat. Maybe that's the draw, the ability to see a show without all the hoopla, the distractions. Musicfest has always had a way of delivering intimate settings that fan and musicians alike find unforgettable. Next up, another clip from the Chief Theater where Cody Canada shares a very poignant story.

Maybe there is magic at 6682'. The cold, the snow, the escape. Or, in fact is it just that the magic has been there all along and we just take it for granted? Either way you look at it, the power is in the music, the storytelling, in the connection where the lines are blurred between fan and artist. Where you rub elbows with that singer/songwriter while trying to grab seat at a Courtney Patton show, or that moment when you realize that the fantasy world actually is real life, a life that is unfolding before your very eyes at the same moment the artists' are drawing inspiration from. Those moments that happen when you exit off the highway and follow the signs to those Texas Red Dirt Roads.

For More on The Musicfest: CLICK HERE


Aaron Lee Bentley


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