TXRDR Goes To Steamboat 2018

The cold has never really bothered me too much, I can always put on more layers, or drink a few cocktails for that matter. But what makes this one trip, once a year to below freezing temps so appealing? The atmosphere is the answer. The music, the sights, the people, the music, the food, the cold air, the music, the walks to the big tent, the late night visits to a friends condo, the music, the faces you may have seen only a few weeks ago, and did I mention the music? For many fans and musicians alike, this event is a recharge, and balance to the grind, a getaway if you will. What started as a getaway ski trip some 22 odd years ago has transformed it much more than anyone could have imagined, it has become a must for families.

Maybe there really is magic inside these mountains, that can inspire the strongest of critics to pure happiness, and in reality, the escape from the daily grind provides a beautiful landscape full of adventure and the possibilities.

Obviously we intend on coverage of the big events, the headline shows at the big tent, the frigid performances slope side, the storyteller moments inside the grand ballroom, but on occasion, if the stars align just right, we get to witness, and share with you, the unplanned moments. The moments that cannot ever be recreated or duplicated. Last year at an undisclosed location inside the Grand Hotel we were caught up in one of those moments, and we would like to share that with you now, an exclusive, never before seen moment that can only be found at the end of the pavement, or slope as we venture down those Texas Red Dirt Roads. Enjoy.

Check back with us daily as we bring you exclusive content, interviews, photos and cool videos like only TXRDR can. The possibilities are endless, and we strive to make your 2018 Musicfest experience unforgettable. See ya on the slopes friends, and if you get a chance, Tell Justin, Casey, Houston, Sommer and myself hey, and share your experiences with us.


Aaron Lee Bentley

t- @aaronleebentley

FB- Aaron Lee Bentley

email- aaronleebentley1979@yahoo.com

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