In Case You Missed it Monday

For this edition of In Case You Missed it Monday a new comer to the show by the name of Jon Young entertained the eyes and ears of viewers and listeners for the 3-6pm time frame this last Sunday.

Stephenville, TX native and relative newcomer to the Texas and Red Dirt music scene, Jon has exploded from the get go with his soulful stories and intensely complex finger picking style that is his and his alone. In the last three years Jon has made it to the finals in songwriter showcases that include the Larry Joe Taylor Songwriter Showcase and also was apart of the three way tiebreaker that occurred during the Blue Light Live Songwriter Series this last fall in 2016.

In the truest of forms Jon Young's songwriting pulls from all aspects of life that are current or from the past. Dixie Road, a single from his previous project Ashes of Dreams of Fire gives a new take on a Civil War story of a man coming home from the trying times of war and loss.

Below is a clip of Dixie Road performed by Jon Young. Recorded live on TXRDR from Billy Bob's Texas on 6/25/2017/

And That's That!

Houston Hall

Associate Producer

Facebook: Houston Hall

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