In case you missed it Monday!

This last Sunday, at Billy Bob's Texas in the Historic Fort Worth Stockyards we had the pleasure of hearing some new music from one of our regular artists Mr. Zane Williams. Williams eagerly dropped this new single (yet to be released) titled Good Man to Have Around on the watchful eyes of the patrons live on hand at the show and the ears that stretched across the airways of Texas and elsewhere.

The story around the song is based on a good friend to Williams Mr. Rodney Smith. Smith just so happens to also be William's go to guy in regards to tuning up or fixing his touring transportation before every weekend.

Zane even noted that he realizes that he can't pay Rodney enough for all of the work that he has done. Especially when he ensures that the Bus gets the band from point A to point B. Despite that however Zane wanted to write a song for him to describe how resourceful and reliable his skills are to have around. and also to thank him for his hard work.

On a lighter note though the song has been interpreted in many other ways other than it just being about a bus mechanic. But that's up to you to as the viewer to decide what the song is really about.

And That's That!

Houston Hall

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