In case you missed it Monday

Josh Halverson, Texas Native and finalist from last year on NBC's The Voice, graced Texas Red Dirt Roads with his presence and talent yesterday at Billy Bob's Texas in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards.

With his guitar in tow and his newest album titled Year of the Thunderbird (released earlier this year) on the minds of many, Halverson orchestrated a single from that release that will stand the test of time. Thunderbird Sky hit the audience with a view of what could be considered his greatest treasure. Halverson wrote the song for his Son.

Thunderbird Sky hits all the tender points that singer songwriters strive for. With his folky esk tone and true heart and soul pouring out, Halverson encapsulates a tone and visualization that tells the story of a father's love for his son.

For more info on Josh Halverson and his latest album release feel free to visit his website at

You can also follow him on Facebook at @joshhalversonmusic and on Twitter at @jhalversonmusic.

And that's that!

G. Houston Hall

Associate Producer

Facebook: Houston Hall

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