Why Haven't I Heard This? Wednesday

The crazy thing about this whole social media, we are all connected, and we have a wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is- we don't do shit to better ourselves! We stare at pictures with random one-liners over them and videos of cats playing with yarn, and sharing stupid TBH posts on the book of faces. Now, as I type this, my phone is going off with notifications about games I play and comments I have made on others posts. I am guilty! I am here, the pail full of water calling the river wet.

So, as it turns out, I found this little ditty while fumbling through the ole book of faces, and honestly I never should have missed this when it was posted over a year ago. Josh Lovett, amazing work, shame on me. This my friends is a real-deal, honest, slap in the face to the harsh reality of what the musician goes through each day, each week, each year. You may think it is all rainbow shots and lemon drops, but the harsh reality is that it is about the paycheck to paycheck life, and there are no bailouts at the end of the day. So here you have it, the return of the, well, why haven't I heard this?

For more on Josh Lovett and his band Four Barrel: CLICK HERE


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