May 25, 2019

The light at the end of the tunnel still seems to be a few miles away for The Turnpike Troubadours if it still burns at all.  Through encouragement from family, friends, fellow musicians, fans and industry professionals, and I am sure each other, it seems the boys from...

I love, simply love when I hear new music in its infancy. Fresh from the artist's mind right to the instrument.  It's emotional, empowering, and energetic.  It's as new a freshly fallen rain to the thirsty ground.  Today's offering comes from Texas Native Tanner Usrey...

Lists.  Grocery lists, wishlists, there's lists for everything, but my favorite is the Playlist. So once a week I will throw some completely random list together with an off-the-wall topic to help share some of my favorite tunes with you.  Does this mean I'm always rig...

When I was a teenager doing what all teenagers do, complaining about being bored, slacking, driving around aimlessly, I always found myself enthralled with comedy albums or cd’s.  Weird Al, Ray Stevens, but most of all, it was when Adam Sandler put out the “what the he...

May 2, 2019

I don't remember the exact year it was but a good guess is 2014.  That's when I first met Dalton Domino and his Front Porch Family Band.

They were contestants in a "best new band' competition in Fort Worth, Texas.  I knew I was hesitant to like these kids because witho...

May 1, 2019

31 years in the books.  Although towards the end some of the focus was lost on what a great week in Stephenville, Texas it is.  The magic in the music is still the draw.  Larry Joe Taylor's Texas Musicfest is and always has been a really special place.  Thanks for part...

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Oct. 28th, TXRDR "Back Roads Conversation" with Josh Ward.

October 22, 2020

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